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Our Work

Our projects focus on providing the ultimate industrial drive and automation solutions targeting several industries. Here are a few projects that we've completed in recent months.


High Viscosity Adhesive Filling Machine

Semi-automated high viscosity adhesive (glue) filling machine using the #iAStar VFD and Siemens PLC to help speed up the filling process. Proximity sensors were used for positioning accuracy.


Metal Crusher Systems

This installation is for one of our customers in the construction industry to effectively reduce the KVA rating of the existing power system during periods of peak demand using our AS series VFDs. The customer is a leader in Metal Quarrying, Crushing, Manufacturing and Civil engineering constructions. 

845df572-b882-402b-84f1-f101cc5ad9ac 2.JPG


Water Pump Control System

AS450 Drive installation for a water pump control system to provide maximum flow at optimal efficiency. The drives provide extensive diagnostics with regards to maintenance of water pressure and simplifies the complexity of the entire flow control system via the built-in PID controllers. 


Water Supply and Treatment Plant

120HP AS180 series VFD installation for a water supply and treatment plant, replacing the original soft-starter system. PID control was programmed for automatic speed regulation, excellent control performance and to make the pump system operate efficiently with minimal manual intervention. 



Injection Molding Machines

Machine down = Production failure costs
We had a customer call in that had an ABB VFD down due to a hardware fault - halting production in one of their lines. The JAARIS team quickly reviewed the customer’s requirements, engineered a solution with our iAStar drive unit, and had it installed within a day! 


VFD Control Panel for Conveyor Systems

This drive system is for a customer that specializes in integrating conveyor systems and providing material handling solutions to various industries. The control panel plays a key role in regulating the speed and performance of several motors.

252826d3-7c63-41d1-aa4a-0ca43de1ea59 2.jpg


Metal Crusher System

This iAStar 55KW 75HP installation is for one of our top customers in the construction industry. This VFD was installed primarily for energy-saving purposes and to help monitor critical motor performance parameters.


Cargo Lift System

Our AS450 VFD, specifically designed for heavy-duty applications with an output torque limit of 200%, is capable of providing an extremely smooth start-up with immediate braking capabilities and emergency stop controls for this cargo lift application.

IMG_2964 (1).jpg


Paper Sack Bottoming Machine

Synchronization of two AC Motors can be precisely implemented using our ES450 drives. The analog IO terminals of both Master and Slave drives are utilized along with the integrated auto-tuning capabilities for superior speed control of both motors for this application.


VFD Panel Upgrade

A 22KW VFD control panel upgrade for a customer whose previous VFD tripped continuously due to overcurrent faults. Our AS450 heavy-duty drive was programmed for multi-speed operation along with additional functionality such as the activation of relay outputs when the drive frequency reaches a set value and emergency stop controls. 

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