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Our Work

Our projects focus on providing the ultimate industrial drive and automation solutions targeting several industries. Here are a few projects we've completed in recent months.

High Viscosity Adhesive Filling Machine

At Jaaris, we understand the importance of speed, accuracy, and efficiency when it comes to filling high viscosity adhesives. That's why we developed a semi-automated filling machine that utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the process.

Our semi-automated filling machine is equipped with the #iAStar VFD and Siemens PLC, which work together seamlessly to help speed up the filling process. In addition, we use proximity sensors to ensure precise positioning accuracy, minimizing waste and reducing the risk of errors.

With our semi-automated filling machine, you can improve your production efficiency and reduce your overall operating costs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your adhesive filling process and improve your bottom line.

Metal Crusher Systems

Our company is proud to have partnered with a leading customer in the construction industry to optimize their power system and reduce their KVA rating during periods of peak demand.


Using our advanced AS series VFDs, we were able to deliver a customized solution that met their specific requirements and helped improve their overall operational efficiency.

845df572-b882-402b-84f1-f101cc5ad9ac 2.JPG

Water Pump Control System

Jaaris recently installed AS450 Drives for a customer's water pump control system to optimize flow control efficiency. The installation aimed to ensure maximum flow and maintain optimal water pressure while simplifying the complexity of the entire system.

The AS450 Drive, known for its advanced diagnostic features and built-in PID controllers, provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities that simplify maintenance of water pressure and improve the system's overall performance.

Water Supply and Treatment Plant

120HP AS180 series VFD installation for a water supply and treatment plant, replacing the original soft-starter system. PID control was programmed for automatic speed regulation, excellent control performance and to make the pump system operate efficiently with minimal manual intervention. 

IMG_7923 3.JPG

Injection Molding Machines


The impact of machine downtime on production can be significant, resulting in lost revenue and increased costs. Recently, one of our customers contacted us with an urgent issue: a hardware fault in their ABB VFD had brought production in one of their lines to a standstill.


Our team quickly assessed the situation and engineered a customized solution that would meet the customer's requirements. The installation of our iAStar drive unit was completed within a day, minimizing the downtime and allowing production to resume.

VFD Control Panel for Conveyor Systems

Our customer is a highly specialized provider of conveyor systems and material handling solutions to various industries. As part of their offerings, they require a reliable drive system to control the speed and performance of several motors used in their conveyor systems.

To meet this need, we recommended a customized drive system that was designed to meet the customer's unique application requirements. This system was carefully engineered to ensure precise control of motor speed and performance, while also minimizing energy consumption and maximizing reliability.

252826d3-7c63-41d1-aa4a-0ca43de1ea59 2.jpg

Metal Crusher System

An iAStar 55KW 75HP VFD system for one of our top customers to achieve significant energy savings and improve the overall efficiency of the customer's motor system. The iAStar VFD was selected for its advanced features and performance, which would enable critical motor performance parameters to be closely monitored and managed.

Cargo Lift System

Our AS450 VFD is a highly specialized solution tailored for heavy-duty applications, boasting an impressive output torque limit of up to 200%. With this level of power, the AS450 is perfectly suited to meet the demands of cargo lift applications.

One of the standout features of the AS450 is its ability to provide a remarkably smooth start-up, minimizing any jarring or abrupt movements that may occur during operation. 


Paper Sack Bottoming Machine

IMG_2964 (1).jpg

Our ES450 drives offer a precise and reliable solution for achieving synchronization of two AC motors. By utilizing the analog IO terminals of both the Master and Slave drives, along with the integrated auto-tuning capabilities, these drives provide superior speed control for this critical application.

With the ES450, operators can expect a level of precision and accuracy that is unmatched in the industry. The drives are designed to work in tandem, seamlessly controlling the speed of both motors in a highly coordinated manner.

VFD Panel Upgrade

We recently provided a 22KW VFD control panel upgrade for a customer who was experiencing continuous overcurrent faults with their previous VFD. Our solution involved the installation of our AS450 heavy-duty drive, which was specifically programmed for multi-speed operation and equipped with additional functionality.

One of the key benefits of the AS450 is its ability to operate at multiple speeds, providing the necessary power and control for a wide range of applications. This feature, combined with our advanced programming capabilities, allowed us to customize the VFD to meet the specific needs of our customer.

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