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Careers at Jaaris

Jaaris seeks candidates who value professionalism, embrace learning and growth, and excel in collaborative team environments. Our commitment to a positive and inclusive workplace drives our search for passionate individuals.


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Control panel assembly

Skilled control panel assembly technicians that have the ability to understand electrical schematics and wire a control panel or sub-assemblies. The ideal candidates would be individuals that have:

  • Experience building control panels and sub-assemblies

  • Ability to read and interpret electrical schematics

  • Familiarity with drills, hole punchers, torque tools, drilling and tapping, and other similar tasks

  • Wiring skills and capabilities

  • Understanding the position may require light physical effort such as moving materials of up to 25 lbs, standing or sitting for long periods, and performing repetitive and non-repetitive tasks.

Electrical technician

Skilled electrical technician with an understanding of electrical schematics and control panels. The ideal candidates would be individuals that have:

  • Experience with control panels

  • Experience with reading and understanding schematics

  • Ability to compare prints to the panel and determine what is correct or incorrect (QC)

  • Ability to test control panels is not required but is a plus

Electrical / Electronic Engineer

Seasoned and experienced electrical/electronic engineer to assist in the engineering of control panels and automation projects. The ideal candidates would be individuals with:

  • Complete knowledge and understanding of schematics and control panels  

  • Experience with and complete understanding of AutoCAD and similar programs

  • Ability to troubleshoot control panels (QC and testing)

  • Ability to turn projects around quickly and meet deadlines

  • Programming capabilities are not required but are a plus

Electrical / Electronic intern

Paid internships for individuals seeking careers in the field of electrical/electronic and/or pursuing electrical/electronic degrees. The ideal candidates would be individuals that:

  • Work well with a team

  • Have a willingness to learn in a fast-paced, upbeat environment

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