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AS180 Industrial Series General Vector VFD




The AS180 series of general-purpose VFDs are a game-changer in the world of light-load industrial equipment. These VFDs feature world-leading motor control technology that provides excellent control performance, rivaling that of international high-end frequency inverters. Additionally, they offer enhanced product reliability, environmental adaptability, and customized and industrialized design options.


The AS180 series VFDs are designed to withstand industrial standard loads, boasting an impressive 1.2 times overload capacity. They can support three-phase AC asynchronous motors with a capacity ranging from 2.2 kW to 400 kW, making them ideal for a wide range of light-load devices, including fans, water pumps, and oil pumps.


These VFDs offer superior performance and efficiency, helping to optimize production processes and reduce maintenance costs. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile VFD solution for their light-load industrial equipment. Choose the AS180 series from our trusted brand and experience the benefits of world-leading motor control technology!

AS180 Industrial-Duty Three-Phase V/F VFD


Performance Features: 

Efficient and Energy-Saving Operating Mode

Our VFDs are designed to be highly efficient, incorporating advanced energy-saving operating modes and innovative PWM dead-time compensation technology. This allows our VFDs to reduce motor loss and minimize power consumption, helping to improve overall energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Rapid Dynamic Response

The advanced motor model used in the VFD allows for quick and accurate response to sudden changes in load, providing superior control and stability even in challenging conditions.


Smooth Tracing Start

Provides smooth and impact-free starting of rotating motors, ensuring that your equipment operates safely and efficiently at all times. With our advanced soft-start technology, our VFDs gradually ramp up the speed of the motor, preventing sudden torque and minimizing stress on the motor and other components.


Strong Grid Adaptability

Equipped with automatic voltage regulation capabilities, ensuring that the output voltage remains constant even in the event of fluctuations in grid voltage.


Considerate Application

PID control: Advanced PID control capabilities, which allow for precise and efficient control of a wide range of processes. With a specialized menu for setting PID parameters and advanced calculations performed directly within the VFD, our products eliminate the need for an independent external regulator option.

DC braking before operation: When the rotational direction of the motor is uncertain in free slide, it adopts DC braking and automatically restarts the motor after stopping.

Multi-speed operation: Based on signal combinations, operating at the internally-set frequency (15-speed instructions at most) can realize continuous sequential control, and achieve low-precision position control via the limit switch.


Reliable Protection

Motor over-temperature protection (PTC): This feature monitors the temperature of the motor and will automatically shut down the VFD if the temperature exceeds safe limits.

Locked rotor protection: In the event that the motor becomes locked or stalled, our VFDs will detect this condition and automatically shut down to prevent damage to the motor.

Motor overload protection: Our VFDs are equipped with advanced overload protection capabilities, which monitor the motor's current draw and will shut down the VFD if the current exceeds safe limits.

Open-phase protection for motor: This feature detects when one or more phases of the motor's power supply are missing, and will shut down the VFD to prevent damage to the motor.

Speed limit protection: Our VFDs allow you to set maximum and minimum speed limits for your equipment, ensuring that your motors operate within safe and efficient ranges at all times. This feature helps to prolong the lifespan of your equipment and reduce the risk of damage or downtime due to excessive speed or wear.


Converter protection

Output current limit

Converter overload protection

I2t protection

Radiator over-temperature protection

Power failure protection

IGBT over-temperature protection

Analog input signal loss (speed reference loss) protection

Abnormal communication elimination

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