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A double-acting pneumatic cylinder is one where the thrust, or output force, is developed in both extending and retracting directions. Double-acting cylinders have a port at each end and move the piston forward and back by alternating the port that receives the high-pressure air, necessary when a load must be moved in both directions.



1. The seal of piston adopts heterogeneous two way seal structure. It’s dimension is tight and it has the function of the grease reservation.

2. It is tie rod cylinder. The cylinder barrel and front/rear cap is jointed by tie rods with high reliability.

3. The buffer adjustment of cylinder is smooth and steady.

4. Cylinder and mounting accessories with several specifications are optional.

5. The seal material with high temperature resistance is adopted to guarantee the normal operation of cylinder at 150 degrees.



1. Offers the structure of both direction sealing.

2. High strength oxided aluminum alloy tube, high hardness.

3. All seals are imported from Japan, Taiwan with high sealing performance.

4. 100% tested before shipping out.

Tie Rod Cylinder 63mm*200mm


200 mm

Piston Diameter 

63 mm

Motion Pattern

Double Action

Working Medium


Assembly position 


Conforms to standard 

ISO 15552

Piston-rod end 

Male thread

Guaranteed Pressure 



Adjustable Buffer

Min Operating Pressure 


Operating Speed


Condition Temperature


Operating medium 

Compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]

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