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Welcome to Jaaris, the global leader in low voltage motors. We proudly offer the most comprehensive range of high-performance motors, designed to meet your needs across various applications.


Single-Phase AC Motors

Engineered to perfection, our Single-Phase AC electric motors cater to the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications. Available in 2-pole, 4-pole, and 6-pole configurations, these motors offer remarkable versatility and performance, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your operational scenarios.


Innovative Features

Jaaris motors are equipped with cutting-edge features such as optimized winding configurations and enhanced cooling systems. These innovations not only boost performance but also significantly reduce energy consumption, making our motors an excellent choice for sustainable operations.



To further assure our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, all our motors come with a 12-month warranty. Trust in Jaaris to deliver dependable, high-efficiency motors that power your success.

Single-Phase AC Electric Motor 220VAC 2POLE


Operating Conditions

Power Range: 0.37 kW to 4 kW

Voltage: 220VAC

Frequency: 50 Hz 

Speed Range: Typically ranging from 900 RPM to 2900 RPM

Efficiency: High efficiency ratings exceeding 80%

Insulation Class: Class B or higher for optimal thermal protection

Enclosure: IP55-rated for protection against dust and water ingress

Mounting: Foot-mounted or flange-mounted options available

Construction: Robust aluminum or cast iron construction for durability

Bearings: Sealed ball bearings for smooth and maintenance-free operation

Duty Cycle: Designed for continuous duty operation with intermittent overload capacity

Ambient Temperature: Suitable for operation in temperatures ranging from -15°C to 40°C

Compliance: Compliant with relevant international standards such as IEC, NEMA, and CSA

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