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Pneumatic speed control valve can be used to reduce the rate of flow in a section of a pneumatic circuit, which can help reduce the operating speed of actuators. They regulate air flow in only one direction, which can be checked by the mark of the flow direction on the body.


Crafted from premium materials, the Jaaris Pneumatic Speed Control Valve is built to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. Its precision engineering and superior construction ensure precise control of air flow, making it an essential component of your pneumatic system.


Suitable for a wide range of applications, including automation systems, machinery, and other pneumatic systems, the Jaaris Pneumatic Speed Control Valve is a versatile and reliable solution for your pneumatic system needs.



Pneumatic Speed Control Valve

Valve function  One-way flow control function
Connection 1 6mm 8mm 10mm
Connection 2  6mm 8mm 10mm
Adjusting Element  Knurled screw
Mounting Type  Optional front panel installation with through-hole with accessories
Standard Nominal Flow Rate in Flow Control Direction  245 l/min
Standard Nominal Flow rate in Non-Return Direction  430 l/min
Operating Pressure  0.2 … 10 bar
Ambient Temperature  ‘-10 … 60 °C
Material Housing  PA-reinforced
Assembly Position  Any
Operating Medium  Compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Note on Operating and Pilot medium  Lubricated operation possible (subsequently required for further operation)
Design Inline
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