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Fluid Type: Air Only
Applicable Tube: Polyurethane and Nylon


Flow control or one-way flow control valves regulate the piston speed of pneumatic drives during advance and return strokes. This is done through suitable restriction of the flow rate of compressed air in exhaust air or supply air direction. With the one-way flow control valve, the flow control function works in one dir­ection only (exhaust air or supply air); the non-return function works in the opposite direction. 


With its high-quality construction and precise control capabilities, the Jaaris Pneumatic One Way Flow Control Valve is an excellent choice for your pneumatic system needs. Trust in Jaaris for a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting solution for your pneumatic system requirements.



Pneumatic One-Way Flow Control Valve

Valve Function  One-way flow control function for exhaust air
Available Sizes 6mm 8mm 10mm 
Type of Actuation  manual
Adjusting Element  Knurled screw
Mounting Type  Threaded
Standard Nominal Flow Rate in Flow Control Direction  650 l/min
Standard Nominal Flow Rate in Non-Return Direction  600 … 750 l/min
Ambient Temperature  ‘-10 … 60 °C
Assembly Position  Any
Operating Pressure Complete Temperature Range  0.2 … 10 bar
Standard Flow Rate in Direction of Flow Control: 6 -> 0 bar  1,080 l/min
Standard Flow rate in Blocked Direction: 6 -> 0 bar  800 … 1250 l/min
Design Elbow
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