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Constructed with utmost attention to detail, the Jaaris LJ18A3-5-Z Series Inductive Proximity Sensors are built to withstand demanding environments. The sturdy housing, crafted from high-quality materials, ensures durability and excellent resistance to dust, moisture, and mechanical stress, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.


Operating on the principle of electromagnetic induction, these sensors excel at detecting the presence of metallic objects without physical contact. With an impressive sensing range of up to 5mm, they provide precise and reliable detection for various industrial processes, robotics, and automation systems.


The LJ18A3-5-Z Inductive Proximity Sensors undergo rigorous testing and adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Each sensor is meticulously calibrated to guarantee accuracy and precision, providing you with confidence in your applications.

LJ18A3-5-Z Series Inductive Proximity Sensor

Technical Specifications  
Sensing Distance 5mm
Diameter 18mm
Detection Metallic Objects
Operating Voltage 6-36V DC
Output Type



Operating Frequency 1000 Hz
Housing Material Nickel-plated brass
Connection Type 3-wire cable with M12 connector
Response Time 1 ms
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +70°C
Protection Rating IP67
Mounting Type Non-flush mount
Voltage Drop at Full Load ≤3V
Leakage Current ≤0.8mA
Load Current ≤300mA
Hysteresis 10% of Sensing Distance
Repeat Accuracy ≤0.01mm
Indication LED Indicator
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