ES450 Single Phase VFD for Single Phase Motor


The ES450 Drive for single phase AC motors provides the ultimate combination of power, ease of use, flexibility, and performance.  With the characteristics of high start torque and high efficiency for overall unit, ES450 single phase output VFD can be widely applied to drive the single phase asynchronous motor, such as fans, pumps, power tools, etc.

ES450 General Single Phase VFD for Single Phase Motor


Features :

1. Advanced speed-sensor vector control which reduces the sensitivity to motor parameters for increased control.

High performance vector control using flux linkage and velocity estimation technique

The sensitivity to the motor parameters is reduced, and the field adaptability is improved


2. Energy saving mode which monitors the actual load size and automatically adjusts the motor voltage and current accordingly


3. High torque capabilities using PID control technology which monitors motor speed changes and holds loads constant


4. Flexible input/output terminals with more than 60 functions and 15 optional functions for analog output for calibrating curve and precision


5. Current limiting function which enables the VFD to operate within the limited current values of the hardware before reaching overcurrent and possible damage


6. Motor overheating protection which switches the VFD into downtime when the temperature rises


7. Protects mechanical torque limit


8. Droop control which adjusts the rotating speeds when multiple motors drive the same load so the machine is balanced


9. Flexible multi-stage V/F control which adapts efficiency with different loads


10. Overvoltage protection


11. Compact structure and easy to install fan


12. The Infineon IGBT module ensures reliability and a wide voltage range makes the inverter adaptable to power grid fluctuation. TUV certified.


13. Compact structure and reliable design.

Compact structure design, saving installation space

The top with a removable protective label, supports side by side installation

Clear terminal layout and wiring identification, easier to install


14. Harsh environment design

Adopting Infineon's latest IGBT module to improve system reliability

Wide voltage range design to ensure product adaptability to grid fluctuations

TUV certification


15. Convenient fan replacement

The fan is easy to install, easy to clean, maintain and replace

Advanced independent duct design, to adapt to a variety of complex, poor on-site environment