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JAARIS proudly introduces the latest addition to its E6 product line: the EM6 book-type universal frequency changer. Designed to meet the evolving needs of industries such as logistics, water pump, and machinery, the EM6 exemplifies our commitment to green environmental protection, energy efficiency, and emission reduction – core principles for sustainable manufacturing development.


Boasting a fully upgraded structure and dependable technology, the EM6 offers unparalleled reliability and cost-effectiveness. Its advanced features facilitate seamless process adjustments, enhancing production efficiency and bolstering our customers' industrial competitiveness.


Join us in embracing the future of manufacturing with the EM6 book-type universal frequency changer from JAARIS.

EM6 Universal Vector Three-Phase Compact VFD


EM6: Compact Design, Big Impact

The EM6 inverter adopts a book design, featuring a power range spanning from 0.4kW to 4kW. Remarkably, its volume is over 50% smaller than previous products. This compact design facilitates seamless side-by-side installation as well as rail installation, effectively conserving cabinet space and reducing associated costs for our valued customers.


Simplified Control Terminals, LCD Screen, and Easy Debugging

The control terminal of the EM6 VFD adopts a simplified design, enhancing connection efficiency while facilitating maintenance. Featuring an LCD large screen for intuitive operation, it supports 20 industry applications and offers Type-C connectivity for host computer debugging. Additionally, it incorporates an over-temperature drop carrier function to prevent frequent alarm shutdowns. 


Versatile Adaptability and Enhanced Functionality for Diverse Projects

The EM6 VFD offers adaptability to synchronous, asynchronous, and reluctance motors, supporting PN/TCP protocol without the need for self-learning. It caters to various small automation projects, finding extensive application in industries such as logistics, water supply, and HVAC.


Advanced Thermal Simulation Design and Protective Coating

The EM6 VFD integrates a comprehensive thermal simulation design alongside UV conformal paint thickening coating protection, ensuring robust safety standards. It has undergone rigorous testing, including CNAS national experiments, CE, UL mutual recognition tests, and Q + 3 elevator, IATF16949 automotive-grade factory system verification.

As a result, its reliability and safety in specific industries are significantly heightened, providing peace of mind to users.

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