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The unit consists of a filter to remove air borne impurities & moisture, a regulator to control the pressure and a lubricator to introduce controlled amount of lubricant mist into the air stream.


FRL's are needed to ensure that every equipment or process receives clean, lubricated supply of compressed air at the proper pressure to provide peak performance. 



1. Light and compact structure, easy to install and use.

2. Press-in self-locking design can prevent the setting pressure from being disturbed by external interference.

3. Low pressure loss and high water separation efficiency.

4. Transparent inspection cover, can directly observe the amount of oil dripping.

1/4 Inch Air Preparation Unit

Filter precision 25um(5,40um is optional)
Adjusting pressure range 0.05~0.85Mpa
Max.Adjusting pressure 0.95Mpa
Guaranteed.pressure 1.5Mpa
Working temperature 5~60°C
Lubricator bowl capacity 25(CC) 90(CC)
Recommended Oil ISO VG32 or Equivalent Oil
Weight 0.7KG
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