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An SC-type cylinder is a specific type of pneumatic cylinder widely used in industrial applications. It stands for "Single-Acting, Spring-Return Cylinder." This cylinder operates using compressed air to move the piston in one direction, while a built-in spring returns the piston to its original position when the air pressure is released.


32MM X 25MM,   32MM X 30MM,    32MM X 40MM,    32MM X 50MM,    

32MM X 75MM,    32MM X 100MM,    32MM X 125MM,    32MM X 150MM,  32MM X 200MM,    32MM X 250MM,    32MM X 300MM,    32MM X 400MM,  32MM X 500MM,    40MM X 25MM,    40MM X 30MM,    40MM X 40MM,  40MM X 50MM,    40MM X 75MM,    40MM X 100MM,    40MM X 125MM,  40MM X 150MM,    40MM X 200MM,    40MM X 250MM,    40MM X 300MM,  40MM X 350MM,   40MM X 400MM,    40MM X 500MM,    40MM X 600MM,  40MM X 700MM,    40MM X 800MM,    40MM X 1000MM,   

40MM X 1200MM,  50MM X 25MM,    50MM X 40MM,    50MM X 50MM,    50MM X 60MM,    50MM X 75MM,    50MM X 100MM,    50MM X 125MM,    50MM X 150MM,   50MM X 175MM,    50MM X 200MM,    50MM X 250MM,    50MM X 300MM,   50MM X 400MM,    50MM X 500MM,    50MM X 600MM,    50MM X 800MM,   50MM X 1400MM,   63MM X 25MM,    63MM X 40MM,  63MM X 50MM,   63MM X 75MM,    63MM X 100MM,    63MM X 125MM,  63MM X 150MM,   63MM X 175MM    63MM X 200MM    63MM X 250MM   63MM X 300MM,   63MM X 350MM    63MM X 400MM    63MM X 500MM   63MM X 600MM,   63MM X 750MM    63MM X 800MM    63MM X 1000MM   80MM X 25MM,   80MM X 40MM,     80MM X 50MM,     80MM X 75MM,    80MM X 100MM,     80MM X 125MM,     80MM X 150MM,     80MM X 175MM,  80MM X 200MM,    80MM X 250MM,     80MM X 300MM,   80MM X 350MM,  80MM X 400MM,    80MM X 500MM,    80MM X 600MM,    80MM X 700MM,  80MM X 800MM,    80MM X 1000MM,    100MM X 50MM 100MM X 75MM,    100MM X 100MM,    100MM X 125MM,    100MM X 150MM,   

100MM X 175MM,  100MM X 200MM,  100MM X 250MM, 

100MM X 300MM,  100MM X 350MM,  100MM X 400MM, 

100MM X 500MM,  100MM X 600MM,  100MM X 700MM, 

100MM X 800MM,  100MM X 1000MM,  125MM X 100MM,

125MM X 125MM,  125MM X 150MM,  125MM X 200MM,  125MM X 250MM,  125MM X 300MM,  125MM X 400MM,  125MM X 450MM,  125MM X 500MM,  160MM X 100MM, 160MM X 150MM,  160MM X 200MM,  160MM X 300MM,  160MM X 400MM, 160MM X 500MM 

SC Series Cylinder

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